Art works of “Simulacrum” series


by Noor Zahran

Why did you title this series of artworks Simulacrum? What inspired you to create them?

The title of the series is derived from the word ‘Simulacrum’ where it represents a person or thing. Most of my artwork is done in a realism style; realism is an example of artistic simulacrum, where a drawing is produced by copying a picture where the picture is also a copy of the real thing. I got the inspiration for this theme from the book Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard. After I tried to read and study the book, I found out that Jean Baudrillard has a few similarities with my works on how we see modern society. He tried to describe the relationship between reality, symbols and society, in particular the significations and symbolism of culture and media involved in constructing an understanding of shared existence. The artwork that I display in this theme are the adapted truths that are subject to various interpretations and changes.

What do you want to say to people through your works? What is the main message?

Visual elements can create a story that generates emotions, making audiences remember more of what they see and feel. Drawing is also independent of any language, which means it serves to communicate without the need of verbal response. My works have a specific mode and style depending on the story I am trying to convey. The main message in my works is to open people’s eyes to how we should see and admit to our faults of the past and moving on to trying to become something better. I tried to include an enormous amount of satire in my art to bring people’s attention to a different side of truth, the one we tend to ignore, and carry educational value to the people.

Modern Snacks

The smartphone bitten in this artwork is symbolic of the snack for which it is designed to make you addicted to them and eat over and over. Snacks are delicious, extremely convenient, and nearly impossible to put down. The same goes for the psychological manipulation by the manufacturing company. Many consumers are trapped and often follow their internal urges to keep switching new phones despite spending so much money that they are willing to go into debt.


Behind the benefits of AI, there are many real threats that are harmful to human life like privacy violation, deepfake, voice cloning and automatic weapons. All of these fears boil down to the fact that we just don’t know where AI is going and how soon it will take us. Technology makes surprising and unusual leaps and bounds in ways we never think it will.

Something in The Air
The pandemic has shown that the internet is just like electricity and water and people really need it these days to survive. In some parts of the world, online learning is just not readily accessible. The technology race is so far ahead that education can barely keep the pace and online learning just exposed the need for the old education system to be changed.
The gas mask and the climbing belt worn by the kid depict how difficult for some students who live in rural areas to overcome disease outbreaks, wars and natural disasters to get an internet connection for online learning. In rural areas, gaps in internet access could lead to economic impacts on entire communities.

Wake Up

“Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.”

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