Volume 3. Issue 1

Prof. Dr. Jerome Krase

In his richly illustrated text, Maltsev presents a reasonable (if that is the right word) argument for a Baudrillardian unified philosophy; something that Jean himself might find a bit “out there.” Most readers of Baudrilliard have most frequently seen his fifty-odd works, that Maltsev deftly synthesizes, as a jumble of discrete jigsaw puzzle pieces that might, with great mental effort, be fit together into a single image.

Dr. Oleg Maltsev

From a psychological perspective, if a person does not understand the cause-and-effect relationships that determine the nature of current events (in other words, s/he does not understand “how” and “what” is exactly happening), it is extremely difficult for him/her to process data, to form his/her own opinion about these events and, even more so, to form a forecast or probabilistic judgment about the future.

Andrew McLaverty-Robinson

Baudrillard is actually ahead of his time in seeing this mode of power already in the 1970s-80s (though of course the theories underlying it have been around a lot longer). Of course, this has gone a lot further now – social media, social credit systems, information management and so on. 

Prof. Dr. Maximiliano E. Korstanje

Elegantly written by Oleg Maltsev (with a translation of Kanykei Tursunbaeva) Jean Baudrillard. Maestro: The Last Prophet of Europe situates as an interesting line of investigation that not only traces back to the main core of Baudrillard´s argumentation but also lays the foundations towards a new understanding of his genius. 

Alexzander Mazey

Was this old world – the world which we presumably occupy today – not also a world living in the ruin of a dead and dying Referentialism? Nonetheless, what is presented through these visions of the retrofuture other than the hyperstitional structuration of techno-authoritarianism, accelerated inequality, and all societies’ metastases living on in a desert of its own making?

Nina Zivancevic

We hear every so often people complaining about revisionism and fundamentalism in different societies, but WE ARE living in such society, in a very conformist society of the one-dimensional thinking, and I see clearly now, that there are things I cannot even discuss, it is not even possible to find words to describe the deficiencies.

Jean Baudrillard

A bird, is she or
deer dress
or clover smoke
or doll of medlar fruit
or like a wild cat
imaginary with a piercing cry
in the perfect darkness…

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